About Us

Testoper is the nonprofit developer community that empowers every person to become a part of the future workforce by enabling creative talent to deliver and operate intelligent technology solutions through continuous learning programs designed to accelerate their career, intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial aspirations.

Testoper Programs aim to develop talent at the heart of growth in the age of intelligent technology. They are hand designed and delivered by community experts for every person in the community. These programs, such as Meetup, Codeathon, Masterclass, and Hackathon, develop specific talent and comprehensively enable creative talent to become part of the future workforce. We focus on 360-degree talent development considering technological, architectural, technical, process, and business advancement. It helps to sharpen talent, to innovate, think holistically, and respond to challenges while creating new worlds.


Make friends with like-minded experts, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, recruiters, investors, and more.


Discover, learn, and start your journey to become an intelligent technology expert, intrapreneur, and entrepreneur.


Start building your career as an intelligent technology expert, intrapreneur, and entrepreneur.


Experience being an intelligent technology champion, and achieve your dreams into a reality.