About Us

Testoper, first of its kind, is the intelligent automation community that enables creative talent to accelerate the pace of innovation for delivering and operating high-quality products. We are the non-profit developer community, passionate about automation as a sport, help advance testing and operations skills through continuous learning. As a result, we empower individuals in enterprise, government, academics, and other organizations to create social impact and economic growth.

We do this by our community programs for all individuals dedicated and inspired to play the role of an expert in future innovation. We provide a platform to connect, develop, launch, and advance an individual's dreams into a reality. It is the place to be for all who is hungry to stand out from the crowd, dedicated to continuous learning, foster innovation at work as an Intrapreneur, and aspire to become an Entrepreneur.


Make friends with like-minded experts, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, recruiters, investors, and more.


Discover, learn, and start your journey to become an intelligent automation expert, intrapreneur, and entrepreneur.


Start building your career as an intelligent automation expert, intrapreneur, and entrepreneur.


Experience being an intelligent automation champion, and achieve your dreams into a reality.