About Us

Imagine a world without continuous testing, deployment, integration, and monitoring! It will be a dangerous world of chaos, monetary, and human loss. History has proven that to us over and over again — the technological advancements multiply the challenges. More than ever, the world and its complex challenges require a collaborative culture and shared goals between teams to deliver products, solutions, and services fast to beat slow.

Testoper, first of its kind, is the worldwide network of communities that help the testing, automation, and operations experts and entrepreneurs succeed. It will bolster the people, the partnership, and the products instilling innovation and bring them to a global scale. And, transform the community to meet complex challenges head-on through intelligent automation, DevOps, and TestOps.


Make friends with investors, entrepreneurs, companies, and like-minded testing, automation, and operations experts.


Discover, learn, and start your journey to become the testing, automation, and operations expert and an entrepreneur.


Experience starting a company, selling the testing, automation, and operations products, and finding a dream job.


Become the testing, automation, and operations community champion, partner, acquire customers and funding.