Life changing moment

Becoming part of Testoper community is one of the life-changing moment for me. I always wanted to become automation and DevOps expert. Tesoper provided me the platform to learn and advance my skills. Not only that they imbibed innovative culture in me because of which I developed Hyperledger Blockchain test suite with more than 350+ automated test cases and selling it with a company which is again from the Testoper community.
Avm Vignesh-Testoper

The best partner and mentor ever

I was an independent consultant. I had a dream of building a product that will disrupt the conformance testing of products that are compliant to RestFul API standards. But, I had challenges where and how to start. One of the Testoper community member company helped to mentor, develop and realize my dream. Today I work for that company and have built my MVP. I am very thankful to Testoper otherwise things could have gone other way.
Arijit Saha-Testoper