Learn code to become a creative talent.

Why Testoper Codeathon? 

The Testoper Codeathon is a deep dive coding program delivered by the collaborative engagement of community experts for the community members who are dedicated and inspired to play the role of an expert in future innovation. 

Who should attend Testoper Codeathon?

  • Architects, designers, and developers to learn test automation and operations skills in the world of agile to become the overall expert.
  • Testers and operations professionals to learn test automation and intelligent automation to advance career. 
  • The individuals who are hungry to stand out of the crowd and passionate about innovation.
  • The individuals want to make a difference at work as an Intrapreneur delivering continuous improvement. 
  • And for individuals to connect, launch, and advance their Entrepreneur dreams into reality.

Being fast is all about transformation, and success is all about welcoming it. Join our next Testoper Codeathon program at https://testoper.eventbrite.com to become the expert.