Create a Startup and solve challenges in testing, automation, and operations domain.

Testoper Hackathon is organized by and for the testing, automation, and operations experts and entrepreneurs. It is the starting point for entrepreneurship to create a startup and solve challenges. In this event, the innovators and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, launch products, and even startups that solve problems related to delivering, monitoring and maintaining high-quality, high-performance products. It paves an opportunity for attendees to build a close relationship with the companies that sponsor. Become a Testoper, join the Testoper Hackathon, join the like-minded innovator’s to create a Startup and solve challenges in testing, and operations domain.

The sponsors and partners benefit engaging with early-stage ideas, companies, and entrepreneurs. The Hackathon is an opportunity to resolve the haunting problems that keep sponsors awake at night, invest in the idea, and joint venture. Also, It will serve as a channel to give exposure marketing to early-stage companies, hire and find new employees.

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