Team up to deliver and operate a high-quality product.

Why Testoper Testathon?

The Testoper Testathon is the high-profile one-day program for testing and operations experts to display their exemplary testing and monitoring expertise by discovering participating company’s product defects that impact customer experience.  

Who should attend Testoper Testathon?

  • The aspiring entrepreneurs who want to pitch ideas, network, team up, learn, develop MVP, present, win, and start their startup.
  • The testing and operations experts to display their skills, find new jobs, advance their careers, and win prizes.
  • The startups and small to large-sized companies to improve product quality; as a result, reduce customer churn.
  • The businesses that provide the products and solutions for testing and operating high-quality products.
  • The individuals and companies looking to network, learn and explore joint venture, strategic, and collaborative partnerships.
  • And, the organizations are looking to hire for testing, automation, and operations experts.

Being fast is all about transformation, and success is all about welcoming it. Join our next Testoper Codeathon program at to become the testgeek.