Testoper Cybersecurity Meetup (Jun 20, 2020)

Register and Join the Jun 20, 2020, VIRTUAL Testoper Meetup to interview and learn with an expert on how the ‘Cloud, Automation, and AI with Cybersecurity’ are transforming the innovation landscape at https://testopermeetup-jun.eventbrite.com.

TOPIC and Speakers:

How Microsoft is using Machine Learning and AI to enhance Cybersecurity in the Cloud – by Derek Kerr, Microsoft Technology Center Architect

Cybersecurity in Financial Services – by Dhruv Chandra, Head of Cloud Governance & Compliance, RBC

Career and opportunity in the field of Cybersecurity – by Bryan Li, Founder Cyber Tech Risk and Cyber Career Center

Meetup Agenda:

10.00 AM to 10.15 AM – Joining & Welcoming

10.15 AM to 12.00 PM – Presentation , Panel Discussion and Q&A

12.00 PM to 12.30 PM – Announcement, Open discussions and Networking

If any of the community members have an announcement to make such as new events, initiatives, innovation, recruitment, searching jobs, etc., please reach out before the Meetup event at testoper@testoper.com to facilitate and maximize the benefit and outcome.

Virtual Meetup Microsoft Teams Invitation to Join:


Why Testoper Meetup?

The Testoper Meetup is a program to learn the big picture about various disruptive technologies, and networking platform for enterprises, government, academics, and individuals who are dedicated and inspired to play the role of an expert in future innovation. It facilitates both technical experts and businesses to connect, develop, launch, and advance their dreams into a reality.

Who should attend Testoper Meetup?

  • Technical experts to advance their career, and learn disruptive technologies
  • Business experts to connect with like-minded to discover partnerships, leads, and opportunities
  • Organizations undergoing digital transformation to find the right talent, partners, process, products, and solutions
  • Academics to collaborate with industry experts, and learn the real-world experience
  • And for all passionate about innovation, aspiring to become intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs

About Testoper Community:

Testoper, the intelligent automation community, first of its kind, is the worldwide network of communities that enable creative talent to accelerate the pace of innovation for delivering and operating high-quality products. As a result, we empower enterprise, government, academics, and individuals to create social impact and economic growth. We are the non-profit community, passionate about innovation as a sport, to transform and advance testing, automation, and operations experts, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs succeed.

We do this by our community programs for the members dedicated and inspired to play the role of an expert in future innovation. We provide a platform to connect, develop, launch, and advance member’s dreams into a reality. It is the place to be for all who is hungry to stand out from the crowd, dedicated to continuous learning, foster innovation at work as an Intrapreneur, and aspire to become an Entrepreneur.

“The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow” – by Rupert Murdoch 21st Century Fox.

Being fast is all about transformation, and success is all about welcoming it.

Join us!

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